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Mine Closure and Post-Mining Services

Mine closure consists of reclamation to return the land and watercourses to an acceptable standard of productive use. Reclamation typically involves a number of activities such as removing any hazardous materials, reshaping the land, restoring topsoil, and planting native grasses, trees, or ground cover. Post-closure programs are used to assess quarries that may require long-term care and maintenance after closure such as ongoing treatment of mine discharge water, periodic monitoring and maintenance of tailings containment structures, and monitoring any ongoing remediation technologies used such as constructed wetlands.

  • Evaluation of remediation objectives taken from the relevant regulations with regard to internationally applied standards

  • Preparation and review of closure plans & remediation concepts for mining and processing areas

  • Pre-closure long-term monitoring of mine site

  • Development of post-mining concepts under public participation hearings

  • Assessment of the existing and potential impacts on the environment caused by abandoned mining sites or objects

  • Implementation of mine closure and remediation programs

  • Evaluation of mine closure, remediation and long-term maintenance costs

  • Generation of long-term stewardship models

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